Friday, 2 December 2016


- Firstly you should see what excites you and enjoy doing it.
- Always believe in yourself whatever you plan .
- Be bold enough to explore your ideas, views.
- Take risk at every moment of your life with a will to be successful.
- Take equal interest in education as it shows a staying power, demonstrates certain seriousness about things in your profession as well as life & makes you understand a proper order.
- Never aim for perfection, just do your best with few flaws that would be just more beautiful & prettier than perfection.
- Don't blow your money for extraordinary work.
- A smart interior designer should spent less money by doing a good work with a clean finishing.
- Always visualize your ideas.
- A designer should know to play with the colors & lighting, as it is a very important part of interior. It changes the entire look & the mood of a person.
- Be smart enough to know how the room makes you feel with its colors & lightings.

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